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by Anura Guruge   

'The Next Pope' book by Anura Guruge



Revision 1: August 19, 2010.

All of the errors found prior to August 19, 2010 fixed.


Errors in first print, prior to August 19, 2010

  1. Page 227, 9th line down: 2 typos on the same line.
    It must have been a bad day. Sorry. I basically typed in 4 wrong letters, but they totally changed 2 word. Sorry.
    The Jesuits were suppressed in
    1773 NOT 1733 as stated. Typo. Sorry.
    Pius VII (#252) not Paul VII (#252) restored them. Big typo. Sorry. But, at least I got the index number, #252 right. Not sure what happened that day.
    To get a printable, CORRECTED page, as a PDF, that you can insert into the book please click <
    here> or on the page image on right (>>). Thank you.
    This error was spotted by my friend Byron Hoover on March 2, 2010. Thank YOU, Byron. You are THE best.
  2. Page 21, 2nd para, 3rd line: Clement XIV being the only pope to suppress a religious order.
    Appears not to be the case. In 1571 Pius V suppressed the Humiliati. I didn't know that. Sorry. This was pointed out by papal expert 'Dewie' Schmerguls. Thank YOU Dewie. March 14, 2010.
  3. Page 92, last para, 2nd line: But Otto II died in December 1983.
    Oops. That would have made him quite old. SORRY. Make that 983. No excuses, but this might be due to an autocorrect by Word.
  4. Page 115, 7th line from the bottom & Page 127 line 2: 'per the date of episcopal consecration' should instead now read 'per the date of becoming a cardinal bishop'. [Same sentence, in the same context, on both pages.]
    Of all of my goof ups, this is the one I feel least bad about. It was due to a translation error, from Latin to English, in the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia. I was just going by what was stated in the Encyclopedia. In May 2010, three months after the book was published, I had to look into precedence among cardinal bishops to determine which of the then under-80 cardinal bishops would deputize for the Dean. After a month of scrambling around I finally discovered the translation error -- thanks to a 'friend' in Italy who retranslated the Latin. You can read the whole story <here>.
    Well, at least I fixed an error that had gone undetected for 96 years! So cut me some slack. << smile >>
  5. Page 137, 8th line: 1880 should be 1800.
    Typo. Sorry. If it was indeed 1880 it would have been a conclave that lasted 80 years! << smile >> This too was pointed out by papal expert 'Dewie' Schmerguls. Thank YOU Dewie. March 14, 2010.
  6. Page 185, 1st line of the table: '# Popes' 255
    Typo. Sorry. That should be 265. Sorry.
  7. Page 202, 15th line: 1803 should be 1831.
    Typo. Sorry. This too was pointed out by papal expert 'Dewie' Schmerguls. Thank YOU Dewie. March 14, 2010.
  8. Page 207, 3rd line: Benedictus Sextus should in fact be Benedictus Sextus Decimus.
    Missed the 'decimus' for ten. So I have him as the 6th rather than 16th. Sorry.Yet again by papal expert 'Dewie' Schmerguls. Thank YOU Dewie. March 14, 2010.
  9. Page 212, 8th line from bottom: 'two hundred' should in fact have been 1317!
    I changed paradigms in mid-sentence! I was talking years BUT was thinking intervening popes -- which is another metric I use. Two hundred popes, indeed a record, between Pius I and II. In terms of years, it is 1317. Real sorry.Yet again by papal expert 'Dewie' Schmerguls. Thank YOU Dewie. March 14, 2010.
  10. Page 266, 3rd last paragraph: When I said Paul VI I meant Pius XII!
    'Cut-and-paste' nightmare. This was the conclave that elected Pius XII not Paul VI. So when talking about the electee I meant Pius XII. Sorry. Yet another by papal expert 'Dewie' Schmerguls. Thank YOU Dewie. March 14, 2010.
  11. Page 294, Pius XI entry: 'ordained a priest during the papacy of Pius X'. Change that to 'while he was the Domestic Prelate to Pius X'.
    I could, if I was that way inclined, bluff my way out of this and possibly even claim that I was just repeating what the pope, i.e., Pius X, is SUPPOSED to have said. But, I won't. I should have checked (especially since the pope was not talking ex cathedra! << smile >>). He actually became a priest in 1879 -- two decades ahead of Pius X. Maybe he did mean 'Domestic Prelate' and that got misinterpreted. It could have been another translation error from the Latin. Does not matter.
    We now know that this statement was in error.
  12. Numerous other typos such as 'alter' for 'altar,' 'formally' for 'formerly' etc. SORRY. This book was proofed by up to four proofreaders! But, it is still MY FAULT. Sorry. I will try to do better next time, but I can't promise. I 'write' too fast. <smile> 'Dewie' Schmerguls pointed out about 17 of these! Thank YOU Dewie. March 14, 2010.


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