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by Anura Guruge   

'Popes and the Tale of Their Names' book by Anura Guruge



All errors listed below fixed as of December 9, 2010, in books ordered from lulu.com

Page 104: Start of 5th full paragraph. 'John (Pedro 'Hispano) XXII' is wrong. It should be XXI.

Sorry. Bad typo on my part. THANK YOU to 'Mark' (Comments below) who spotted this and one other. Given that I had talked about the 'Johns' in detail, with a complete table of all the 'Johns,' pope and antipope, on Page 83, I hope this error did not confound too many readers.

Page 101: Middle of 3rd full paragraph. 'Leo X (#218) was the maternal grand-uncle of Leo XI (#233).' That should be maternal UNCLE, not grand-uncle.

Sorry. Made the mistake of relying on one, then trusted, source. I propagated the error. That source, a book about conclaves, which is listed in 'Errors in Books About Popes,' no longer enjoys trusted status. I live and learn. But I am sorry for this.

Page 70: In the list of 81 elemental papal names. Entry #17 for 'Urban.' The 2 (88%) in the ASSUMED column should be '7 (88%).' So '7' rather than '2.'

Typo on my part. Sorry. Given that I have 88%, it is clear that I meant 7 rather than 2. Row 17 says that the elemental name 'Urban' was used '8' times. So if it was only assumed twice the percentage would have been 25%. 88% was for 7 assumed. It looks like I transcribed the '2' from the previous. But, my fault. Sorry. My two proofreaders didn't check the tables with all this numerical data. They had their hands full fixing my English. Given the hundreds of numbers I included in this book, this was my worst fear. That I would mix up some of those numbers. Well, I did. Sorry.

Page 77: Four lines from the bottom, within that last table. Entry #4 that says 'Clement (x16):.' That should be 'Clement (x14).'

A dreaded 'cut-&-paste' error on my part. Sorry. I can see what happened. The prior entry, in that table, for 'Gregory,' says '(x16).' I must have copied that entry across ... changed the name ... BUT forgot to change the 'xn.' Sorry. I have Clement, correctly at 'x14' across the page, on page 70 and in Appendix C.

Page 79: Last but one line. 'Innocent XI (#214)'. Got the numbers in the sequence number transposed. Should have been 'Innocent XI (#241)'.

Sorry. I tried so hard to make sure I didn't screw up on these sequence numbers. THANKS again to 'Mark' (Comments below) who spotted this and one above.

Page 137: Middle of the page. Last 'text' prior to the start of the table. 'Top tend names ...' That should have been 'Top TEN names ...'

Ooops! But, I was being true to my middle name 'typo.' My fault. Sorry. This is in Appendix C. That was a last minute addition. Mainly to save time (but possibly some money too since I was paying them by the page) I did not run this Appendix by my two proof readers. My bad. My fault. How stupid. Well, I learned my lesson. With my new book, I am running every page by my ONE proofreader. The other one has health problems. 

Page 62: Five lines from the bottom. 'Chapter 6.' There is no Chapter 6 and the chapters are numbered with Roman numerals. It should have been 'Chapter V.'

Sorry. Another typo on MY PART. Yes, maybe my two intrepid proofreaders who did such a good job should have spotted that ... especially the '6' ... in that it was not a Roman numeral. But, as I said before, they really had their hands full fixing my English. So my fault and I am sorry.

Page 103: Third paragraph, second sentence. '...ordained a priest during the papacy of Pius X'. Change that to 'while he was the Domestic Prelate to Pius X'.

I could, if I was that way inclined, bluff my way out of this and possibly even claim that I was just repeating what the pope, i.e., Pius X, is SUPPOSED to have said. But, I won't. I should have checked (especially since the pope was not talking ex cathedra! << smile >>). He actually became a priest in 1879 -- two decades ahead of Pius X. Maybe he did mean 'Domestic Prelate' and that got misinterpreted. It could have been another translation error from the Latin. Does not matter. We now know that this statement was in error.

Thank you for you indulgence.


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