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 Catholic Information

 Papal Elections & Cardinals

 Catholic News Media

 >  Giga-Catholic mega-site
     by Gabriel Chow

 >  Catholic Hierarchy mega-site
     by David M. Cheney

 >  Catholic Encyclopedia & New Advent

 >  The Vatican Web site


 >  Papal elections (Papam) & cardinals
     by Anura Guruge

 >  Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church
     mega-site by Salvador Miranda

 >  What the cardinals believe
     by Fr. Reto Nay

 >  Catholic News Agency

 >  Catholic Herald UK

 >  Pewsitter -- The Online Catholic
     Newspaper of the Third Millennium

 >  Global Catholic Network (EWTN)

 >  CathNews Asia

 >  Whispers in the loggia blog

 >  'The Seismograph': links to Catholic
     news in 5 languages


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 >  Guruge Web site:
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 >  Companion 'Papacy' Web site

 >  'The Next Pope' book at Amazon

     another Guruge Web site (publishing)

 >  Dwarf Planets
     with Anura Guruge

 >  Pup Is NOT A Toy


Catholic news in 5 languages

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